Are really mobilephones radiation causes cancer? | jyada mobilephone use krne ke nuksan

With the time passing away, Technology is developing in a very faster way. Today, everyone have mobile phones either he/she is young or old. Everyone wants to caught up with new technology.

There is nothing bad in it but as you know excess of everything is bad. People use mobile phones much more than the normal. They spend more of their time on phones. Even parents are also very used to these mobile phones now a days.Few years ago, all the family members sit together for healthy conversation.

Now when all the family is sitting together, Inspite of talking to each other, they all have heed on their phone screens.

Now coming to the point, mobile phones radiate harmful radiations which will cause many harmful diseases. At night, mostly teenagers place their mobile phones near their pillow before they sleep. I also used to this habit. But when I come to know that mobile phones radiations are very threatening, I started placing my phone far apart from me so as to come out of the peril.

Watch the following video to know more about this topic.


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