Home pedicure quick and easy no more hard skin

Home pedicure quick and easy no more hard skin


In the video below you can find a quick demonstration of how to do home pedicure in just few simple steps.

One can judge your hygiene by simply looking at your shoes or feet. Foot care tips are not only important from hygiene and having beautiful feet point of view but also for staying active and comfortable throughout your life. If your feet are not healthy, walking can become painful for you.

Taking care of your whole body with natural ingredients will result in radiant, youthful skin and long, lustrous hair! Remember, your skin and hair need tender loving care and they will love our recipes. Use them and feel the difference!

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Get free manicure and pedicure at home just by doing simple steps

Manicure and pedicure are a great method for making your looks more attractive, but regular going to salon is very expensive that many people can’t afford simply. A pedicure is a treatment done to rejuvenate tired and worn feet and manicure is a treatment done to rejuvenate hands. We can do manicure and pedicure using products that are easily available in our drugstore. The average manicure in New York City costs $10.50 in New York City.  Many salons charge $19.95 for a manicure and pedicure, according to The New York Times expose The Cost of Nice Nails published in May of 2015.
Manicures began 5,000 years ago in India, when henna was used as nail polish. The popular practice eventually moved to China, where Cixi, the dowager empress was known for her beautiful, long nails. Both Manicures and pedicures are stress-relieving treatments that provide relaxation, produce softer skin and leave you feeling revitalized. Pedicures are relaxing and a great way to take a few moments for yourself and relax during our busy schedules. Depending on whether you’re going to a small nail shop or to a larger spa, prepare to spend between $15 and $40 for a standard pedicure and between $25 and $60 for a deluxe pedicure that includes things like paraffin wax and foot massage
 Steps for doing manicure and pedicure:
Firstly remove the old nail paint from  nails with acetone(nail paint remover).
Step 2
If your skin is too dry then apply some moisturizer cream on your feet and hands.
Step 3
Apply some raw milk on your feet and hands and add some lemon juice over them. This will perform the task of removing the skin tanning and discolorations. Let the mask dry and then after that clean it.
Step 4
After some time, put your feet/hands in the bucket of warm water. Add some salt and liquid soap in the warm water so as to get better results.
Step 5
Soak your feet/hands for about 30 minutes.
Step 6
Then after removing your hands/feet from warm water, cut your nails and then file them neatly.
Step 7
Rub some olive oil on your nails and massage gently for 2 minutes.
Step 8
Then remove the extra skin near nails gently.
Step 9
Using the pumice stone scrub the dry cells off from the sole of the foot especially the heels.
Step 10
Wash off the your hands/feet and pat dry using a towel.
Step 11
Now apply beautiful nail paint on your nails.
In this way you can get free manicure pedicure at your home. Must try out if you want to relax ur feet and hands.