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No matter what your skin type is, making sure that your skin is clean is extremely important for it to remain healthy and clear. This is where your skin care routine comes to play. Cleaning the skin of the dirt and grime of the daily life, removing the dead skin cells and making sure that you don’t leave the pores open to more dirt accumulation is essential. This procedure we all know includes cleansing, scrubbing/ exfoliating, toning and moisturizing.

This is very frequently asked question – “Is toning really important when I actually cleanse and moisturize my skin regularly? “Yes! Toning is an important element of the cleansing process. A good toner will remove all the remaining bits of oil, dirt and debris left behind by the cleanser. More importantly, toner will help soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin while restoring its delicate pH balance.

Home remedies to remove white spots results in just few days

White spots may occur in people of all races or skin color. They affect both sexes, and are common in people who live in hot, humid climates. Some white spots develop into brown spots covered by whitish scaly skin.

white spotsThe deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause white patches to appear on your skin. B12 deficiency can cause neurological problems and hence it is very important for you to take the advice of a doctor one you spot white spots or patches on your skin. B12 deficiency is seen commonly in people with pernicious anemia or in people who are long term vegans.
Commons causes of white spots:
1. Eating too much junk food
2. Sudden emotional stress
3. Development of toxins inside your body that will result in autoimmunity
4. Pesticides and insecticides
5. Use of excessive antibiotics
6. Improper health hygiene

Home Remedies for white spots:

1. Copper:
The best ways to boost your immune system is to drink water from copper vessels and glasses.

How to do:
1. Take a copper vessels and pour drinking water in the vessel
2. Leave it to react with the copper overnight. The water will be infused with copper ions in the morning.
3. Drinking this water on an empty stomach will help in the production of melanin such that skin pigmentation is corrected.
2. Honey:
Honey works has anti-fugal properties that help to combat against white patches on skin.
How to do:
1. Add 2 tablespoons of honey in 1 tablespoon of rice powder, turmeric powder and sandalwood powder.
2. Apply the skin and rinse it off after 10 minutes. It prevents the occurrence of white spots on skin.
 3. Turmeric:
Turmeric powder is very good medicine for white spots.
How to do:
1. Add turmeric powder to milk and mix it well and make a thick paste.
2. Apply this paste on your white spots. Leave it for three hours and wash it with fresh water.
4. Coconut oil:
Coconut oil is very much effective in getting rid of white spots on skin.
How to do:
1. Take some coconut oil.
2. Apply it two or three times a day for at least two weeks and look for improvement.
 5. Buttermilk:
Buttermilk is also very beneficial for cure of white spots.
How to do:
1. Drink 1 glass buttermilk twice a day. You will definitely get good yield after using this home remedy. 
6. Red Clay:
Red clay, too, has high copper content that can help restore skin pigment and get rid of white patches.
How to do:
1. Mix equal amounts of red clay and ginger juice.
2. Apply this paste on the affected areas.
3. Leave it on until it dries completely and then wash it off. Repeat daily for a few months.
7. Vinegar:
Vinegar is very effective for white spots to clear from skin completely from the roots. It cures white spots in long run.
How to do:
1. Take small amount of vinegar.
2. Add black pepper powder in it and mix it well.
3. Apply this paste on white spots.
4. Wash it when it dries with your face wash.
8. Ginger and lemon juice:
Ginger juice and lemon juice are also effective to clear white spot from the skin. As they are anti-oxidants, they clears your skin from inside. Ginger juice is known to increase the flow of blood to the white patches and improving the condition of your skin.
How to do:
1. Take some ginger juice mixed with lemon juice and water.
2. Drink the mixture twice in a day so as to get best results.