Health benefits of kissing you never knew before


On the delicious and passionate side of the spectrum, a smooch can be a heart-healthy micro workout, a hormone releaser and a mood booster. It’s also fun — and a great way to connect with the person you care about. Few health benefits of kissing are listed below:

Keeps Your Teeth Pearly-White:

Kissing helps to break down the oral plaque and prevents cavities by the creation of saliva, which helps to keep bacteria away. Saliva which is created while kissing washes out your mouth, and removes the cavity causing food particles, thereby preventing decay. So start kissing everyday and spark your love with your partner and get cleaner teeth.

Burn Calories:

It’s not going to replace your workout session… but a vigorous kiss may burn 8-16 calories. Not too shabby for a kiss. Not quite a jog on the treadmill, but an hours worth of smooching may burn off half a handful of M&Ms or half a glass of wine.
Kissing keeps facial muscles strong:

Sure tight abs or cellulite-free thighs may be first on the Tone Up list, but don’t underestimate the workout your mouth gets during a makeout session. Researchers say you use 30 muscles while kissing and the smooching helps keep your cheeks tight. Nice. We’ll take what we can get.

Boost Immune system:

Boosting as well as improving the immune system is one of the biological benefits of kiss. According to a recent research, kissing may protect women against Cytomegalovirus that could cause infant blindness or other birth defects during pregnancy when contracted from mouth to mouth.

Otherwise, the bug is pretty harmless in adults. And kissing has been believed for a long time to be an effective way to pass along bugs thereby strengthening the defenses of the body.

This video is only for college going students must see | College students crazy life

Hey everyone, You came here with lots of curiosity to see what is here in the video. This video is about college going students healthy routine. It will teach you that how to maintain balance between your fun life of college and your physical health. Both are very important aspects of life. Think a second, that if you do not have good physique then how you are going to find happiness. You will never ever find it with bad health.

Check on the link to watch the video:


My only advice to my friends is that follow the hygienic daily routine mentioned in the video. If you want to be a prosperous or you are dismal then it will really help you out.


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Sandeep Maheshwari’s inspirational video for youth

Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. Just like any middle class guy, he too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of his goals in life. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to. Rowing through ups and downs, it was time that taught him the true meaning of his life.

Sandeep Maheshwari, 32, is the Founder and CEO of, the world’s largest collection of Indian images. Without delving too much in his professional success, what makes him different are his free life-changing seminars which he has conducted in various parts of India. Having tasted failure and success in a very short span of time, Sandeep’s vision is to ignite and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit of tomorrow’s leaders and help them succeed. His last seminar was organized in Thyagraj Stadium in Delhi (built for Commonwealth Games) which can be found on his Youtube channel.  He actually offers the advice that no other person can. Also major point of these seminars are that they are completely free of cost and his only perspective is to motivate and bring a change to the society.  From illusion to Reality. this video Outlaying the exact path of transforming your illusions into reality, this video is the sure shot way of taking control of your life, your dreams, your targets and most importantly, your destiny!



You can’t believe a man without legs and arms is living his life very ordinarily

Nick Vujicic was born to Dushka and Boris Vujicic in 1982 in Melbourne, Australia. Although he was an otherwise healthy baby, Nick was born without arms and legs; he had no legs, but two small feet, one of which had two toes.


He also struggled with depression and loneliness as he questioned why he was different from all the other kids. He couldn’t get the haunting question of ‘Why was I the one born without arms and legs?”

Vujicic started his speaking engagements at 19. In 2005, he founded an international non-profit organisation and ministry, Life Without Limbs.

In 2007, Vujicic founded Attitude is Altitude, a secular motivational speaking company. He starred in the short film The Butterfly Circus. At the 2010 Method Fest Independent Film Festival, he was awarded Best Actor in a Short Film for his starring performance as Will.

Nick eventually made the move from Brisbane, Australia to Los Angeles, California, where he is the founder and president of an international nonprofit organization, Life Without Limbs, and owns the motivational speaking company, Attitude Is Altitude. He married the love of his life, Kanae, in 2012, welcoming their first son, Kiyoshi, in February 2013 and their second son Dejan, in September 2015.

Some Additional life hacks to grow a positive attitude

“Always strive to aim for the highest peak of the goals in life you have set, this way if you manage to reach even half way toward a goal, landing in the middle is not such a bad place to end up.”


The words that we use have a lot more power than we think. How you talk about your life is how your life will be. Your mind hears what you say. If you describe your life as boring, busy, mundane, chaotic, that is how you will percieve it and you will feel the effects in your body and mind. If you use the words simple, involved, familiar or lively, you will see your life in a whole different light and find more enjoyment in the way you chose to shape your life.


A study from US data suggests that having a positive attitude is not only has a direct effect on your happiness, it is also correlated with your earning wage.


You probably will not need a lot of convincing to at least give it a try. After all, what do you have to lose? People let their attitude guide them all of the time. Unfortunately, most of the time, the attitude is a negative one. It is often easier to see how a negative attitude influences your life. This is just human nature to see negative over positive. We are more often drawn to drawing out the negative over the positive. Pessimistic attitudes seem to flood the world, while optimism is slowly drowning.


Read books with a positive message, listen to music with uplifting lyrics, and watch movies in which the protagonist’s optimism helps him/her to overcome obstacles and win, despite the odds. Change your attitude for the better by uploading as much positivity into your brain as you possibly can.


A positive attitude leads to happiness and success and can change your whole life. If you look at the bright side of life, your whole life becomes filled with light. This light affects not only you and the way you look at the world, but it also affects your environment and the people around you.


“Separate yourself from those who hinder your vision. Make a choice to walk away from the trap set to ensnare you. Realize when someone is pulling you backwards every time you take a step forward. Separate from them and the result of your action will be a life of success.




Remember these simple life hacks for living a happy(positive) life

After meeting with my doctor, I saw a blunder change in me. I started living like a happy girl who never upset but when I remain alone these things surround me and somehow these things caught me in their net which makes me weep a lot.
But my family members thanks to them who have faith in god and always use to convince me god is here for you and what u have to do is just reading scriptures and then see the magic as a littlt girl I do this for some days after that I totally fed up because of this believe because nothing has happened right.

Then a most important person of my life came and make me understand many things and she was my dad’s sister “bua” with whom my relation is what we cant define in words she cares alot like a mom, we share everything like best friends, we used to fight a lot like sisters.

She taught me like a teacher and she make me understand many things about life -world like a Guru. And second one was dad. Dad is my dominating personality he has strong believe in God.
Most of the time he used to read scriptures then all these things throw me in a ugly centered stage where only two choices were their belive or belive not. Then as the love side of my family is much heavier than my stupid thinking so I took decision that yes probably I will do what dad and bua told me.
That time I was also not sure that god will help me or not but ya this thing was in my mind that bua n dad never can show hypocracy to me.

As days passed finally after a month it become my habit to read scriptures everyday . It start giving pleasure to my mind a satisfaction and a belief comes and make his own home in my heart and mind that if i do not read scripture whole day will be very disgraceful. So daily first i get up and after taking bath i read then after that do anything else.


And a shocking result u can never believe after some months i don’t know what comes in my mind i give up taking all medicines and what i do is just believe in god,there was my classmate Tajinder he always use to tell about god ‘s power, may it was always because of his comments means all of them make me to have strong believe and finally i become totally ohk.

A girl with a great smile always on face having no problem a proper normal girl even traces of disease was not there.

Thanks you all of u .

And the most biggest thing which i realize that our elders never wrong ,they suggest us from their experiences because they want that from the sufferings they had suffered we should not face them because we are so delicate for them that they think their children can’t tackle anything even a small hardness.

And the other one is god is always their for you. you belive or not is your headache but trust me guys if you have strong belief and read scriptures one day a magic will occur in your life and that will make finite all these guilty things happening in your life because of which you are angry from god and have no belief that magic will change your whole life at an extent upto which even your thinking level can’t reach.

Thats why whenever anyone told me something not happening good in their lives i only suggest them to have belief in God and as you all read earlier i am also saying by my experience. So please atleast try it ones in your life.

Thank you bua g and pappa because of whom today i m a girl to whom everyone like and love because of a happy face LOVE U ALOT which words can’t describe.

Infancy >>> It is the age period of 1-3 years after birth in which there is no space at all of negative thinking even there is no thinking.Everything is without target ,just get up and do at all whatever you want ,does not matter that who think what think in what way a person consider you.Just do that what gives you happiness from inside.

Childhood >>> when we were younger most of us had put our arms in shirts and told people i have lost my arms. we would restart video game whenever i knew i was going to lose. We would sleep with all the stuffed animals so none of them would get offended. We had that one pen with 6 colours and tried to push all buttons at once.We would wait behind the door to scare someone but left because they took long.

We would fake being asleep so that dad would carry us to bed. We used to think that moon is followed my car. We used to swallow fruit seeds and get scared to death that a tree was going to grow in our tummies.Remember when we were child and could not wait to grow up? What were we thinking ? Actually that time we also was confused that yes we were sat silently for few minutes but we ourselves don’t know what we were thinking?

Late childhood >>> That time period when a child’s thinking level change daily if today he is thinking to become a pilot then tomorrow may be he can a doctor and after some days he can be a inspector ,nothing is fix. Daily new ideas new thinking new inspirations and sincerity can never be find just innocence cuteness .

Adolescent >>>Now time begins when thinking starts and and it reaches to peak level. A very confused age when everything shows 2 sides whenever someone thinks that it is wrong then also so many questions arise that why it is right and another one is wrong ?what reasons behind it ?

But in this age if anyone thinks positive then only can he or she survive happily .this is the stage when we learn many things so keep it in right way.

Mid life >>> After many years in young adulthood of following society scripts for creating a life, people in midlife often take a break from worldly responsibilities to reflect upon the deeper meaning of their lives the better to forge ahead with new understanding.

How positiveness helps you to overcome your every problem better

Before reading this post check out my previous post so as to understand this post better ………………………..

Amazing realistic story that becomes inspiration for adolescents

And that day when I met my doctor became a turning point. It was all we can say a persons personality
which attract you, his behaviour, way of talking everything that make me realize that except all these limitations I also have many positive things and if I use them in my life then it will even can neglect these negative thoughts.


Positive thinking does not mean that you keep on hanging out and ignore life’s less pleasant situations. Positive thinking just mean that you approach unpleasantness in more positive and productive way.

You think a best to happen but not the worst & it often starts with self talk. You know what I was that type of girl who always need someone to make me understand, so that i can get idea what should i do, whats right and whats wrong it is also chosen by others not by me.

Because it was my self opinon that i can’t think anything about me. But days come when all become busy in their lives.In studies, business, job and even after so many struggles they are not able to get time for me.

It hurts alot I started thinking that no one loves me know that is the only reason no one call me even no one come to meet me. This feeling is usual in persons of my life stage and it needs alot of time to change…gradually days were passing and I also become a busy girl who have to deal daily with many things.

Also having study pressure which effects a lot. I was not habitual of all this .
So these all first make me sad. But then I don’t know when this criteria occur in my mind and I start self talk. I start feeling that my bro my sis all are around me in my brain and all I have to do this is just to read my self USUALLY in evening.

And the time passes away and I think about me, my sadness, my worries and gradually all the ideas begin to come up in my mind.I used to talk with myself in english because I knew I was not perfect but there was only me who can laugh if I am wrong simultaneously I walk continously upto that time which also
result as exercise. All these things develop a positive attitude in me.


Researchers continue to explore the effects of positive thinking and optimism on health.

Health benefits that positive thinking may provide includes:
.Increased life span
.Lower rates of depression
.Lower levels of distress
.Greater resistance to common cold
.Better psychological and physical well being
.improve cardiovascular health
.Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

Some people think that why people who engage in positive thinking experience
these health benefits.One theory is that having a positive attitude enables you to cope better with stress situations, which reduces harmful health effects of stress on your body.


Amazing realistic story that becomes inspiration for adolescents

Hello, I am Manpreet Kaur. Currently,  I am doing my vocational B.Pharmacy degree. This story is based upon my life. So it was about that days when I was of just 13 years old means I was in juviline phase of life. That stage when a child is still immature and I was also the same. but my family think I’m bit differ from others because my behave was like child of age 10. Well my dad think its just because i m the only girl in family and my maternal family loves me so much they treat me like a little baby that is why I m as it is and if they talk about paternal family there was also bit same i was too cute and my paternal family include many members like aunt,uncle,cousin, brothers and sisters.



That time i was totally independent. I think there was 5 houses where my paternal family members used to live. And it was me only who daily roam in all houses and do whatever i want there like to eat anything, to annoy anyone, even to vanish or to destroy anything which I don’t like because i was only little girl that time even in my street i was only girl all others were boys and you know what was best thing that they all was younger than me so usually i scold them even beat them… was all about fun nothing more.


From early morning i start doing stupid things till 9 pm after that moment when all other uncle, aunt, bro, sis go to their homes. So ,it was all about my childhood in paternal family now i move to my maternal family. Well in my whole family, we were just four girls from which two were in Hyderabad they don’t like to come Punjab and my one cousin sister (Ashu). She was I think that time was just of 7-8 years old and she was very extraordinary because she don’t like to talk with anyone, what she do whole day that after school come home and then finally after taking his lunch went and lock herself in her room and used to do dance ,study ,watch TV and enough .She never used to mix up with others..


That’s why one remain me who become the cutie pie of everyone my bros loved me very much. I enjoyed alot there And there was a cousin of mine name Gurjot (guggu).but i use to call him pa. Now lets begin with a very interesting part of this story.
Actually my all maternal cousins who were elder than me that time have there girlfriends so that time I thought that it is just a fashion to have a partner .So i also wish to have a boyfriend……..Finally one day i was sitting outside of my house and a boy named Rahul came there and threw a slip..When i opened that it was his phone number.Then I called him and he asked from me that I would be his girlfriend? That time i used to laugh very much he again asked will you marry me? That time there was no limits of my happiness. After finishing conversation with him I called pa and told him that I also have boyfriend but he did not bother me…not even guggu pa all that persons to whom I was telling this thing was not bothering me.


But everyday me and Rahul stare each other. Actually he was my senior so in break or any free time both of us stood at the doors of our classrooms and just blush…ya sometimes we used to call each other..After that finally summer vacations announced and i moved to Ropar. There I discussed with my maternal aunt and uncle that i want to marry a guy so please lets go and buy red bangles for me then they only used to laugh. Some family members just said ok ok….now go and play …..then suddenly guggu pa came both of us went upstairs again I use to convince him that really i have a bf..but again he refused to accept this.



I was in too much anger then I went down stairs ,and after 5 mins come back having cell phone and in front of my brother I called Rahul and said I love u and I don’t know what happened to bro, he was totally in shock when I told Rahul that talk with my brother because he was not believing me that I also have a boyfriend. Rahul suddenly cut the call .Now what happens after finishing dinner me and bro come to our room and as we usually do hug each other and talk till midnight . But that night was much different bro was feeling very insecure that night then he tried to make me understand about our culture and happenings which he usually heard about young girls and boys ..That day I realize that ya its not a good thing then I back up and move on after that i never used to call Rahul and 1st love story ends here…


After all this stupidity, one day my friends in school were discussing about mensuration they all were suffering from mensuration and they ask me but i answered them that this shit is not happening with me when I come to home, I talk with my dad’s sis. Then she discussed with my grand ma and next day I was in hospital.Well hospital was not a big deal for me because my granny was a nurse and usually I used to went hospital just for fun and also for medicine because i was suffering from problem of uric acid. From that day my granny console about me from many doctors. Daily I took a big amount of medicines then it became a habit of mine.
Even I start feeling very guilty because all this force me to think that I am not a normal girl.


After my 10th, My parents sent me to Chandigarh by saying that i will be there because of my holidays only and it will be great fun there,…BUT…….O… No what happened with me they were sending me in hospital PGI, where daily doctors treat me like an experimental species so that to found whats going on inside my body.


Well I made some friends there like doctors, patients even nurses and other staff also.There was also a patient who became my best friend there and she was married. She have menopause(stoppage of mensuration),because of which one day her impure blood spread all in his body and she died in front of my eyes.That day become a changing day of my life I started living in a phobia of death…


After one and half month when doctors finally gave a result that I have just water balls inside my ovary so they prescribed me medicine and let me to went home. When I reached home, my family members were very happy. My dad took me to an another school and I got admission there. My whole life was changed no old friends, no old environment ,no that type of fun even no that cuteness.


I became studious simple girl who never even try to make noise no more fun and just like to study alone. I had passed my two years in that school and in that period, I was totally out of contacts with my siblings. Only books were my friends there because that school was totally different from my previous one..I passed my whole day in missing all those memories.


Then one day A boy from that school tell me a story ,”STORY OF A SNAKE”. He said that you know when a snake catcher used his snake flute, Then why a snake comes out ? Although snake knows that person probably gonna harm him but still he comes out from his home? I was silent. Then as a studious girl I answered very wisely that due to sound waves…..well it was not a right answer so he laughed and then told me that its not because of sound waves……its just because that snake knows that its all previously made up by this ancestors ,so its their job and his ancestors also believe that their posterity will gonna obey it. That’s why he come from his house even he know it’s very dangerous.


Same like this you. Your elder ones want that you also become something like them that’s why they have sent you in this school and if you passed all this precious time by crying then you did not reach to the goal …So be a good girl and try to work hard and from that day I start working hard and finally I passed out from that school as 2nd topper. My picture was on  posters ,newspapers and I was very elated.


Well school life finished . Like others I was also so baffled. Everyone was thinking about me that what will next then I joined IELTS and communication skill classes. But it was all about my siblings wish I was not in decision to leave INDIA. Then finally after so many dramas I took admission in B.Pharmacy in CT INSTITUTION JALANDHAR.


Wow 1st day of collage………new bag, new clothes, new ideas , curiosity to know about college life , about new friends, new goals of life……Many things was revolving around my mind.. I was very happy then by GOD’s will i found friends who are same as me .. my classmates all are very nice like my Ist school and I start living in this college as in my 1st school all that things come back.. All my classmates are friends. We live like family ,no love birds in class ,supporting ,helping.


In all these i was totally forget about my disease, I am enjoying my life. But one day, I suddenly fall down ,Doctors came home and when I opened my eyes, I was in Amritsar hospital. I met Dr. Shina, he was very nice. He make me realize that i am a special girl . All others girls are normal yes it is and anyone can marry them but me i will marry to only a special guy who 1st will accept my all limitations .My thinking level gradually tend to change .I become a strong girl.